Here you will find a long list of links to books, poems, essays and articles that I love, and which have inspired and educated me in my work. You will also find a full list of books and DVD’s that I recommend to anyone interested in learning about the craft of bladesmithing, as well as links to websites featuring written works that I find most inspiring and informative. Writers from both modern and ancient times have influenced me in my work greatly.
I’m drawn to narratives and words that speak boldly and honestly about the human heart, works that challenge people to question their own assumptions about life, and works that aim to renew the mind, and venture “further up and further in” as C.S. Lewis put it.


Public Domain Free to Read Classical Texts:

Here you’ll find a brief list of some of my most favorite classical and ancient written texts. Works that I draw an immense amount of inspiration from.




horseBallad of the White Horse Audiobook

Recommended Articles and Essays:


More soon to come…


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