Here are some links to my favorite sites, some sites of great friends and fellow bladesmiths, and some of my favorite music to forge by in alphabetical order:


 – Bladesmiths and Artists –
Bellow is a list of some incredible friends of mine within this craft. People I have been greatly taught, inspired, and encouraged by. Please checkout all of their amazing work:

Big Rock Forge

BRT Bladeworks

Emiliano Carrillo

Jack Baumgartner

Jake Powning

Jason Kraus

J. Arthur Loose

John Page

Josh Burrell

Luke Shearer

Matt Zeeb

Nate Runals

Nicholas Santella

Northmen Guild

Peter Braspenninx – PHYRE FORGE

Ric Furrer

Rick Barrett

Robert Burns


Bladesmithing learning and tool resource websites:

Bladesmith’s Forum
More than any other place, Don Fogg’s Bladesmith’s forum has been a site to learn, share ideas, and become inspired about anything bladesmithing related. Everyone joined at the forum is more than happy to help, even if you are new to bladesmithing and would like to learn the craft. There is always something new to learn and something to inspire your own work! If you would like to get into the art of Bladesmithing, this is the site for you!

Chile Forges – Propane forges ideal for bladesmiths and swordsmiths
I’ve used the same Chile forge in my workshop for the past 5 years it’s still holding up strong and durable to this day. Chile forges are crafted to professional quality standards for the most challenging and abusive of forging projects. Capable of reaching forge welding heat quickly, easily controllable Propane PSI features, and a tough compact versatile build that is perfect for the type of swordsmithing work I do.


Other Favorite Sites:

International Arts Movement

One Life

Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl

Samaritan’s Purse

Mythgard Institute

Know What You Believe

Reasons to Believe

Live in the Story

History Makers

Ravi Zacharias

Timothy Keller

Dr Corey Olsen – the Tolkien Professor

Ocean & Sea

J.Brendan O’Shaughnessy

Art by David Delagardelle

Fine Artist-David Slonim

the Woodwrights Shop

Desiring God

Sword Forum

the War on Humans




Favorite Music:


Josh Garrels

the Oh Hellos

Humble Beast Records

Dustin Kensrue

Trace Bundy

Flatfoot 56

For Today

Living Sacrifice

Sleeping Giant

Demon Hunter

Beautiful Eulogy