Here you can view a gallery of just some of my many past custom forged knives and seaxes, both of historical and mythic inspiration.

All of my knives and seaxes are both equal part art, and fully functional tools. And they are always crafted with real-world use in mind. The symbol and usage of the knife/seax throughout ancient Europe is not merely one of history, but also one of legend. Smaller blades can have extreme power and weight in their symbolism, just as much as any sword can.

And so I aim to tell a story through each one of my blades, stories that can be defined and added to by whatever person proudly owns and uses them.


I do not accept custom orders for knives or seaxes. However I am continually crafting such blades of my own original designs. So if you’d like to own a piece from me and if you’d like to be notified about when I have new blades for sale then please subscribe to my mailing list. By doing so you’ll receive updates as soon as pieces become available.