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On this page I will post my most recently finished work available for immediate sale on a first-come-first-serve basis to the quickest buyer. As well as periodic auctions, and links to my art-prints and published material for sale.

Everything I make is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind, and I no longer accept custom orders for blade-related work.

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The Thornbite – DĂșnedain War-Spear

This was an ambitious spear in the making, Inspired by the writings of Professor Tolkien, and his envisioned woodland rangers of the DĂșnedain amongst the race of men. The blade was forged in collaboration with some of my best friends. To see a video of how we forged the blade (along with two other spears) checkout this video from my friend John Page, who helped in forging the blade:

Forging the Brother-Spears – Making-of documentery

After we forged the blade, I personally took on responsibility of finishing it by grinding, engraving, and etching blade along with crafting its custom hickory wooden haft, and tooled leather sheath that displays Northern-DĂșnedain heraldry of star, sun, moon, and thorns.

The spear stands at a total height of 5 feet 11 inches tall.
The blade is hand forged out of 1075 high carbon steel and 200 year old wrought iron.



Dragons Blight and Warrior Bright
6×10″ original illustration

An original illustration depicting a brave Beowulfian warrior slaying the archetype of all greed and malice. Drawn on parchment paper in graphite and marker. This piece can be mounted and framed for an additional $25.

Price: $190 + shipping

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Plein air Wisconsin Watercolor paintings 9×12″ each

These are watercolor pieces that I painted on sight of the locations they depict in Door County Wisconsin. These pieces can be mounted and framed for an additional $25 each.
They can be sold individually or as a pair for a discounted price.

Price: Price: $160 per painting ($300 for both) + shipping

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Mountaintop Colorado Watercolor 6×8″

A detailed watercolor painting I did while hiking mountains and studying and exploring the dramatic landscape in northern Colorado.

This piece can be mounted and framed for an additional $25

Price: $110 + shipping

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