Custom Swords

pastswordsFor the past 12 years that I’ve been learning this craft; my goal has not merely been to make weapons. My goal from the start has always been to pour my heart, soul, and spirit into each individual sword. I dont want to just simply make historical tools meant solely for human harm, I want to forge artifacts that inspire, that have life and that tell hope-filled and mind-sanctifying stories of courage, commitment, heroism, and truth. I’m still learning more about this endless craft every single day, and I hope to never stop.

In making each piece I aim to handcraft my swords using the most traditional methods whenever possible. Methods that include hand forging the blades and hilt components with hammer and anvil, damascus/pattern-welding steel, intricate wood carvings on grips and scabbards, historical leather tooling, precious metal casting, precise heat treatment of each blade, and a variety of other historic techniques. Shortcuts are never an option as I strive for the highest quality attainable.

I use either 1075 or 1085 high carbon steel for my mono-steel blades and a 1075/L6 contrast for my damascus pattern-welded blades. I use a huge variety of beautiful hardwoods for grips and scabbards. Hilt components such as crossbars and pommels are typically forged out of low carbon steel, wrought iron, or a variety of bronze and brass.


***Please note that all of the swords shown on this page are past custom-made one of a kind swords. They are past works and are no longer available for sale as I dont make exact duplicates of past works.
I have stopped accepting custom orders for the foreseeable future, but will list original swords for sale on my “In Stock” page as they are made available***