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the SkogarViska

Forged by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge, the SkogarViska – the Woodlands Whisper, is a Petersen Type G Sword with mythopoetic and fantastical embellishment design liberties taken to make it speak loudly about the ethos it was inspired by. A keen and light sword. Forged to be the helpmeet by the fair maidens side, it …

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Oräddbror – the Fearless Brother Lost-lands Spatha “Your deeds are famous, so stay resolute, my lord, defend your life now with the whole of your strength. I shall stand by you” – Wiglaf the warrior, in the poem Beowulf. (lines 2666-68) Oräddbror is variation of a Behmer type 1 and type 6 early Scandinavian spatha. …

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the MiekkaOkaat

Forged by swordsmith David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge. The MiekkaOkaat is a Mythopoetic Northern European sword, Inspired by many examples of late medieval longswords, but crafted with rustic aesthetic embellishments of early Nordic civilization. It is a weapon crafted to protect the weak, reflect values of honor and dignity, and defend the Truths of old.

Osbert’s Sword

Forged by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge, Osbert’s Sword is a hybrid Oakeshott type XIV sword with a Germanic lobed pommel. Hand forged and ground out of high carbon 1075 steel, with fittings forged from iron, and the grip carved from antique Elk Antler. The scabbard was made with a wooden core wrapped in historical organically made linen to accurately reflect the swords of its period.

the Trofastverg

Forged by swordsmith David DelaGardelle, the Trofastverg is the faithful protector of home, hearth, family, and peace in its windy-cold but warm at heart Northern homeland. Roughly inspired by late Anglo Saxon sword styles. The type is commonly found in many 8th-9th century Scandinavian historical swords in the Peterson Type L category. The blade is …

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“integritet, rettferdighet, mot, handling: uten disse er en person betydningsløs” Hærtjener, a combination of ancient Norwegian words menaing army and servant. H aehr tche ner. Hærtjener was hand forged from 1075 high carbon and L6 tool steel, carved from antiqued cherry wood, and fitted with brass hilt components. All decorated to evoke the open seas …

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the Sword of Cawood

Forged without the aid of any modern power tools by David DelaGardelle with the help of metal artisan Andy Davis, the Sword of Cawood is a historical interpretive-reproduction of an existing historical sword which was found in the late 19th Century at the River Ouse near Cawood Castle. The Castle was an ancient Lord’s stronghold …

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the DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra

the DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra, literally meaning “the Red River Guardian” in ancient Gaelic, was forged & crafted by David DelaGardelle out of 1075 high carbon steel, figured bloodwood, and mild steel hilt components. The sword was commissioned by its owner to represent the rich cultural heritage of his family lineage, while looking forward to the future as …

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Thor – Marvel Comics Movie 2011

 – The Crafting of Heimdall’s Sword In November of 2009, Myself, Swordsmith David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge and my friend and fellow Metal Artisan, Andy Davis, were contacted by the production team working on bringing Marvel Comic’s legendary comic book Thor to the big screen. They were looking for swordsmith’s capable of crafting a huge, intricately detailed, legendary …

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