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Bregol Valon

éala éarendel engla beorhtast / ofer middangeard monnum sended “Hail Eärendil, brightest of angels / sent over Middle-earth to men.” Bregol Valon (literally meaning “Fierce Angelic-Guardian” in Tolkien’s Elvish Quenya language) was crafted and creatively-conceived to life by David DelaGardelle, swordsmith of Cedarlore Forge. The blade was shaped by David from a billet of beautiful …

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Herûbrandr – the Éothéod Oldland Sword In Tolkien’s Middle Earth the Éothéod people were an ancient race of strong and swift Northmen, who flourished near the Vales of Anduin and near northern Mirkwood in the Third Age. They were faithful friends and allies to Gondor, and were the early ancestors of the later Rohirrim. This …

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Thorondún, the sword of Glorfindel (also called ‘Soronúmë’ in Quenya, and named after the constellation) means Eagle from the West. Glorfindel was a mighty Elf-Lord of Gondolin, who lived during the Elder Days of the First Age in Arda. He was the Chief of the House of the Golden Flower, and was also one of …

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Telpënár – the Silver Fire

“And over Middle-Earth he passed and heard at last the weeping sore of women and of elven-maids in Elder Days, in years of yore. But on him mighty doom was laid, till Moon should fade, an orbed star to pass, and tarry never more on Hither Shores where Mortals are; or ever still a herald …

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the Watchman Son’s Sword

the Watchman Son’s Sword is a Fantasy/Gothic piece with some historical inspiration taken from a few different 15th-16th century German Oakeshott Type XVa longswords. The goal in the finishing work with its textures, materials, and decoration being an exploration in late Medieval ornamentation styles. I was highly influenced by the decoration work in many Illuminated …

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the Dorwinion Borderland Sword

An ancient and time-tested sword that has faithfully served its wielder for centuries, protecting the borderlands and its people that dwell there, between the Dorwinion foothills and the darkness that looms beyond the cold North pine woods.

the Troll Cleaver

A noble and ferocious forged Dwarven sword. Stout and sharp, ringing cold when striking its foes, crafted in the golden age of High-Dwarven yore. Not a blade forged for a king, but instead a wondrous working weapon, forged for a young fiery Dwarven Warrior, Patrolling the wild-lands for lurking danger. Its blade unquenchably thirsty for …

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Hrethel’s Sword

“That open-handed lord beloved by the people received me from my father I was seven years old; King Hrethel kept me and fostered me, gave me treasure and table-room, true to our kinship. All his life he loved me as his own three sons” Beowulf – lines 2425-[2431] Inspired by the character of Hrethel, from …

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Huandagnir (Elvish meaning “Bane of the Hound”) is a short-sword dagger, an Elven blade of the darkwoods. Cold, keen, light and swift, a lively long-lived weapon, used by a young elf soldier who hunts the hounds that seek the blood of his people. A blade born in bravery, brought forth to bite and cleave the …

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the Iron Academy Sword

The Iron Academy sword was forged by David DelaGardelle for the Iron Academy school, a school based out of Raleigh North Carolina that was founded to help craft young men into honorable, virtuous, humble, and Godly leaders for future generations. Crafted to be large, powerful, imposing, yet precisely balanced and swift moving in the hand …

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