Herûbrandr – the Éothéod Oldland Sword

In Tolkien’s Middle Earth the Éothéod people were an ancient race of strong and swift Northmen, who flourished near the Vales of Anduin and near northern Mirkwood in the Third Age. They were faithful friends and allies to Gondor, and were the early ancestors of the later Rohirrim. This old and battle-worn sword is a weapon of the Éothéod’s fierce warriors. But the blade itself goes back even further into Middle Earths somewhat forgotten history. It is a Bëorian blade, and was forged by the Men of Dorthonion, who were of the House of Bëor. They dwelt in the wild pine forests of Dorthonion, and aided in the defense against Morgoth until the bloody battle of the Dagor Bragollach in the First Age. This ancient blade was passed down for generations and traveled far, before it was found and restored by a young warrior of the Éothéod.

The blade bears strange runes, though while unknown in their meaning still tell of its very ancient past. The House of Bëor commonly used the now forgotten tongue of “Taliska”. Thus the blade bears unknown runes (which I have taken the liberty of developing myself). Tolkien did not offer much insight into this language, though he clearly had it fairly well developed in mind. And thus it is a language shrouded in mystery within the larger Legendarium of Arda that Professor Tolkien developed, but yet only he knew.

So this is a sword of two cultures. Telling the tales of both through its bold battle scars, fiercely faced ornamentation, and through the old yet honest materials its made from.

It was forged to pay homage to the lesser known details of Professor Tolkien’s brilliantly created world.