Hrethel’s Sword

“That open-handed lord beloved by the people
received me from my father I was seven years old;
King Hrethel kept me and fostered me,
gave me treasure and table-room, true to our kinship.
All his life he loved me as his own three sons”

Beowulf – lines 2425-[2431]

Inspired by the character of Hrethel, from the poem “Beowulf”. Hrethel was the legendary king of the Geats and the foster-father of his great-nephew Beowulf. This sword was forged to life with the goal of being a symbolic object, to embody the spirit and soul of this fatherly and strong character.

Simple and humble in its adornment and nature as a loving father is towards his son, but bold stout and strong in its presence and weight in the hand as a good king is. An example to his foster-son Beowulf, to lead his people with tender humility, and bold strength in the face of evil.

 Forged and ground from high carbon 1075 steel, with carved steel guard, pommel, and scabbard chape. Oak and antler handle grip, with a storm-blue linen wrapped scabbard.