the SkogarViska

Forged by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge, the SkogarViska – the Woodlands Whisper, is a Petersen Type G Sword with mythopoetic and fantastical embellishment design liberties taken to make it speak loudly about the ethos it was inspired by.
A keen and light sword. Forged to be the helpmeet by the fair maidens side, it will rise to the occasion when necessary and will defend the people it was forged to protect.
A sword meant to be a poem spoken through steel, iron, leather, copper, and wood. A symbolic dedication to Yiayia (the wielders grandmother). The young warrior in her young years spent many sunrises and sunsets with her, she told stories by the fireside, brought her on walks through the woodlands, and cultivated the young warrior maidens imagination to flourish, influencing who she grew to become, and created a love of all things mythology.

This sword evokes the beauty and comfort of the woodlands as well as the underlying aura of mystery and danger on the quest of life ahead.


Steel type: hand forged 1075 high carbon
Hilt fittings: Antique Wrought Iron
Pommel and belt loop: Engraved Copper
Wood type: Green Stained Curly Maple

OAL: 32 1/2″
Blade Length 26″
Blade Width: 2″