the DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra

the DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra, literally meaning “the Red River Guardian” in ancient Gaelic, was forged & crafted by David DelaGardelle out of 1075 high carbon steel, figured bloodwood, and mild steel hilt components.

The sword was commissioned by its owner to represent the rich cultural heritage of his family lineage, while looking forward to the future as a celebration of 25 years of marriage to his wife. The owners last name being “Rushing” literally refers to Rush reeds aka “cat tails” that grow by ponds or streams. So the grip is carved with swirling water motif’s and reeds sprouting up amongst them.
The scabbard includes knotwork patterns based off of the owner and his wife’s wedding bands, and in between show the intertwining sun and moon.

Finally last on the scabbard you see the ever growing Tree of truth & life or the family tree.

In the blade you read two French sayings engraved on either side.
One side reads “One God” and the other reads: “One Faith”

A sword meant to be historically grounded in its execution but completely unique and organic in its aesthetic feel.

Steel: 1075
Guard & Pommel: Mild Steel
Wood: Bloodwood

OAL: exactly 4 feet.
Blade Length: 36 1/2″
Blade Width: 1 1/2″
Grip Length: 9 1/2″
Guard width: 8 1/2″